Candi and Ray

Foster Parents

We struggled to get pregnant when we were first married. We assumed we’d be childless, but we trusted God would provide so we prayed and waited. About 15 years into our marriage, we heard a local foster care representative share at church about the plight many kids in our community faced – being in the foster system with no stable home to land in. Our hearts were stirred, but we didn’t know if this was right for us. We continued to pray about it, and about 9 months later we both felt like it was time to take the next steps. We began the process of becoming certified. We read all the books we could get our hands on, we had dinner with other foster parents and families to glean wisdom from them, and we got training. We’ve been blessed to open our home and our hearts to 23 unique children of God so far. It’s been such a privilege to walk along side these kids and their families. Two of them now are grown and have also opened their home to fostering.

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