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Welcome to Mission Increase (MI) Onboarding! This course is designed to orient and train you to become a MI Area Director. We see the value in everyone at MI having an understanding of MI’s content and orientation to the organization as a whole. Therefore we will also be using this same course (with a modified schedule and focus) to train all new staff.

The course is organized into 13 sections, each consisting of study materials, and learning assignments. Each section is designed to be completed within a work week, but is built to be flexible. Each week, you’ll meet with your AD Mentor a couple times to check in, unpack what you’re learning and answer any questions.

As a result of completing this course, you will be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and character traits needed to be a successful MI Area Director.

Before you Begin

14 Sections, arranged around key MI concepts
8 Weeks, adjusted for the unique needs of your community
40 Hours of learning work per week
2 Meetings per week, one with your AD Trainer and one with your AD Mentor