Building Your Video Toolbox

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If your organization does not have a video or multiple videos to represent their brand and problem that they try to solve, they are easily losing potential givers, followers, and opportunities. Video has become an expectation. 

However, this can be a daunting task for organizations, be it Budget, time, or schedule conflicts. On top of it all, if they were to be offered video, they are not fully aware how to utilize it to the maximum potential. They are unsure what videos to make…Social media reels? Tik-Toks? Promos? Documentary? 

In this Cohort, we are going to focus on the video assets that every nonprofit ministry should have, regardless of their video marketing strategy. These are the videos that will help your Mission Increase strategy thrive in your communication efforts. This cohort will not only provide clarity on what videos to make, but also how to expand the value of each video without breaking the bank. 

What to expect from this cohort: 

  • What videos you should first focus on creating for your organization for maximum impact
  • Where to use these videos to drive more engagement, action, and giving. 
  • How to develop a larger quantity of videos without going over budget or removing quality. 
  • How you can partner with the right video team if you need that assistance.  

What is included in this cohort:

  • 3 pre-recorded videos that you can access (and re-access) at any time:
    • Session 1:
      • Enhance your marketing strategy with videos by balancing quality and quantity, categorizing them into a versatile toolbox and ongoing efforts, incorporating essential elements like B-roll, promotional content, brand films, testimonials, FAQ videos, spotlight stories, and annual campaign videos for comprehensive storytelling and impact.
    • Session 2:
      • Maximize impact by tailoring compelling narratives for presentations, unifying messages across campaigns, engaging storytelling for fundraising, leveraging dynamic content on social media, crafting personalized emails, making powerful first impressions with introductions, and empowering champions with impactful advocacy tools.
    • Session 3:
      • Streamline your video marketing with Paper Jacket & Mission Accelerate by organizing a versatile toolbox, mastering budget-friendly practices for quality content, and setting clear expectations with professional videographers to amplify your message and mission.
  • Live Q&A Session: Wednesday, May 22nd – 12:00pm – 1:00pm Pacific (3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern)
    • Get ready for an electrifying hour with PaperJacket! Yes, you heard it right – they’ll be joining us live to dive into all your burning questions. Bring your curiosity and get set for an unforgettable Q&A session. Your chance to interact directly with the pros is here. Don’t miss out!
    • Note: if you are unable to make this session, we will provide a link to recorded discussion and upload to this course for future reference.