An Introduction to the MI Fundraising Philosophy

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Do you experience fundraising as a joyful calling, or does it feel more like that “thing we do so others can do the real ministry?”
Does it feel discouraging when you look at your Budget and remember the way you have to go about getting funds? Does fundraising feel like begging or arm-twisting?

What if there was a new way of viewing this – where raising funds becomes part of your ministry, helping givers know, love, and serve God more fully? What if you could experience fundraising as a joyful calling as you lead givers to find their place in God’s work? When fundraising is treated as a form of ministry, not something auxiliary to the ministry of the organizations, it can be rewarding and life-giving.

At Mission Increase, we believe this is possible. We’ve seen countless ministry leaders adopt this paradigm toward fundraising which has led to experiencing more joy and freedom in their work.

Our workshops, coaching, and other courses will provide you with principles, tools, and resources for improving the work of fundraising.

This 3-part introductory course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the foundational principles that Mission Increase’s teaching and coaching are built on
  • An opportunity to consider a new way of thinking about fundraising and ministry

Our hope is that the following three lessons will be formative in your approach to learning and growing with Mission Increase. And as you embrace this mindset, your fundraising will be transformative for you and your givers.