How to Use the LMS as an Area Director

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We want to leverage technology to help with the organization, communication, and delivery of our learning content without letting that technology get in the way or be a distraction from learning. As such, we want to rely less on PowerPoint presentations and use our website to make learning materials readily available to ministry leaders. 

As we continue to pursue learning management (LMS) solutions, we want the technology to serve as an online “place” where the learning community convenes around our learning content (and with ADs) in the time between learning events like workshops.

We also want to leverage technology to: 

  • Make ADs look good; simplify sharing content, highlight AD expertise, make AD lives easier
  • Build learning community: connect ministry leaders to our content, to ADs, and to one another
  • Track learning progress and real-world performance of ministry leaders
  • Organize and deliver all the great content we have to offer ministry leaders, track how it’s used