An Introduction to Annual Fundraising Plans

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Your ministry is doing important Kingdom work– work that requires funding!

It’s important to create a Budget to determine how the money you raise will be spent. Budgets help you steward your resources well. Too often though, fundraisers rely ONLY on their budget to guide their efforts–leaving fundraisers feeling burned out, trying to do all the things! Your budget and your fundraising plan should be two different things that work together.

This course is designed to:

  • Provide the rationale for taking time to plan out your fundraising strategy
  • Highlight the benefits of creating and using a plan
  • Outline how your fundraising plan relates to other areas of leadership

This course serves as the introduction to Mission Increase’s step-by-step tool for creating a customized, and usable, fundraising plan. Learn an approach to Fundraising planning that integrates your budget and your fundraising goals. Creating a growth-oriented plan will help you build people AND your organization without burning out your development team.