Trent Combs

Trent serves as the Senior Vice President of Field Operations for Mission Increase and manages the development of MI communities.  He works with local advisory Boards to recruit and hire MI Area Directors then oversees and supports the work of the Area Directors.  Trent brings over thirty years of experience working with nonprofits to his …

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Caleb Crider

Caleb Crider is a trainer, writer, and missiologist. He’s married to Lindsey, and has two children: Jonas and Meredith. Originally from California, Caleb has developed and facilitated training for an international audience of churches and missionaries. He specializes in instructional design, adult learning technologies, and outcomes-based education. He is one of the authors of Tradecraft: …

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Lee Wilhite

Lee serves as Vice President of Operations and oversees field operations as well as our marketing, communications and event team within the National Resource Center. He’s devoted his career to serving Christian non-profit, for-profit and higher education organizations in the areas of executive leadership, Strategic Planning, team building, fundraising, branding, marketing and communications. Prior to …

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  A health savings account or HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account owned by an individual that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses for the owner and their dependents. An HSA, which must be paired with an HSA-qualified health plan, allows you and your employees to make pre-tax contributions to a federally-insured account that …

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Strategic Thinking

Is an individual’s capacity for thinking. It keeps in mind where the individual, project or organization is aiming, the current realities and theoretically, methodically, creatively and resourcefully considers a plan in which to achieve goals. Term commonly used in conjunction with Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning

A process in which an organization’s leaders (executives and board) decide what outcomes they want to achieve and the best actions and use of resources for doing this.


A person who commits to covering the costs of something at your event. For example, when table hosts pay for the cost of their tables, this can be referred to as “sponsoring the table.” Or if a generous Champion wants to cover the cost of the printed materials at your dinner, this would be sponsoring …

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Signature Participation Project

Mission Increase language or phrasing. Signature Participation Project (SPPs) are small events that occur regularly and support your programmatic work. They are designed to be a first step for someone to take in the ministry to learn more about the cause and determine if there is interest or passion to get more involved. It is …

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A method of presenting financial projections, or predictions, over a period of time.   Similar to how a Profit and Loss statement shows historical data for money coming in and out, a Proforma is a future-looking statement that combines the Financial Goals step of the Annual Fundraising Plan with the organizational Budget. Proformas are sometimes …

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Primary Contact

Mission Increase internal language. The leader who is primarily responsible for maintaining his/her organization’s MI account and has full administrative rights. This leader will receive any automated prompts from MI to manage the account.