Mission Increase language or phrasing.
At its heart, Mission Increase is a training program. Our Curriculum is designed to meet ministry leaders where they are and, guided by an Area Director, move them toward health in fundraising, leadership, communications, and organizational health. At every step, we want to take opportunities to grow ministry leaders in faith and point them to Jesus. As such, our entire model is rooted in Jesus’ example of discipleship: learning in community, learning by doing, keeping the main thing in focus, and glorifying God in all things.
We are committed to holding quarterly workshops (in-person and virtual, as needed), webinars, coaching (group and individual), and Group Learning. We stand behind the principles and concepts that Mission Increase has taught for years. We believe that a ministry leader who humbly follows Christ, adopts a generosity mindset, and follows our program will raise more money, develop champions, and build God’s kingdom.    
Q1: Developing Champions (Y1 Developing Champions, Y2 Inviting Champions to Give, Y3 Champion Relationships)
Q2: Build Community (Y1 Champion Vision Events, Y2 Micro-Events, Y3 Participation Projects)
Q3: Communicate Effectively (Y1 Regular Communication, Y2 Fundraising Campaigns, Y3 Acquisition Communication)
Q4: Lead Strategically (Y1 Strategic Planning, Y2 Leadership and Culture, Y3 Healthy Boards)