Mission Increase language or phrasing.
This is the comprehensive Champion development strategy we teach in order to grow your champions in the cause. It is a set of comprehensive steps you offer to grow your givers toward what you desire for them.

  • Participation – A low level of commitment that can require very little up-front knowledge of the organization.
  • Engagement – An engagement step requires more commitment. It is a deliberate step on the part of the champion to greater involvement. There is more knowledge, understanding and commitment to the cause.
  • Ownership – Those who are taking “O” steps are going beyond entry participation steps, and even beyond taking more deliberate engagement steps, into a new realm of helping equip others to share the cause. These champions are so engaged that they are looking at their role in your organization as a connection to a broader movement.

Each step of P-E-O typically includes five categories: Praying, Serving, Learning, Giving, and Sharing. To learn more about P-E-O, read “Coach Your Champions” by Eric Foley.