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Teacher’s Guide for the:

Making the Invitation Workshop

Curriculum Overview

TITLE: Making the Invitation: Joyfully Sharing the Opportunity for Deeper Involvement in the Work

Does inviting someone to give to your ministry feel like an unnatural conversation? Are you timid about asking people to give financially? Does your work with major givers feel transactional? It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Gather with fundraising peers at this Mission Increase workshop. Together, you will learn how to transform the way you invite people to give so that there is greater ownership in your cause.  


  • Understand the biblical principles that inform how we invite people to give 
  • Articulate your mission and vision in a compelling way
  • Practice inviting someone to give

If you or anyone on your team has been apprehensive about inviting financial gifts, don’t miss out!  
This workshop will benefit executive directors, development staff, board members – or anyone who has personal relationships with champions. Register today

Don’t beg for money – invite people to share ownership in the work.

Aim: The aim of Mission Increase Major Gift trainings is to develop leaders who:

  • Lead Others to be Involved and Invested in Fundraising
  • Communicate Through a Transformational Giving Paradigm 
  • Minister from an Abundance/Provision Mindset
  • Faithfully Steward Resources 
  • Maintain Healthy Operational Plans and Budgets
  • Think Strategically
  • Develop Champions

The objective of MI Making the Invitation workshop training is to provide guided instruction, and practice the skills related to inviting Major giver champions to make financial gifts.

  • Understand the biblical principles that inform how we invite people to give 
  • Articulate your mission and vision in a compelling way
  • Practice inviting someone to give
  • Invitations should be rooted in relationships
  • Invitations should be focused on mission and vision
  • Invitations should be strategic

Teaching Materials

Background Paper

The background paper contains content related to all three of the major gifts topics.

Slide Deck & Presenter Notes

Presenter notes are located within the slide deck.
We recommend customizing your notes directly in your copy of the slide deck. When presenting, open “presenter view” to see your notes. CLICK HERE for a how-to guide.

Workbook & Tools

REMINDER: When ordering at your print shop, please ask them to “pre-flight” before running.

We’ve integrated the pen-to-paper portion of learning activities (tools) into the workbook. However, if you want to see the tools individually, you can here.

Preparation Support

Teaching Deck Overview

Study Session Recordings

Recommended Pacing


This flow represents a 2.5-hour workshop.


  • Intro the Room, Resource Hub, Venn Diagram
  • 10 mins on slide 5 for the Self Reflection Learning Activity
  • 10-15 mins on slides 6 & 7 for Biblical Principles / Romans 15 discussion


  • 10 mins on slide 9 to include includes a quick discussion


  • 10 mins on slide 11 for the learning activity
  • 10 mins on slide 12 to include a quick discussion

10 mins – BREAK


  • 10 mins on slide 15 for the learning activity
  • 20 mins on slide 20 for the learning activity




This flow represents a 1.25-hour workshop . 
This virtual workshop flow still contains the learning activities, using breakout rooms for some. While they will have less time to breath than in an in-person workshop, do NOT remove them. Instead, aim to consolidate your teaching to allow more room for facilitated learning in the 4 activities. For the discussions, you may decide to communicate how much time you’ll allow ahead of time or take the first X number or responses.


  • Intro the Room, Resource Hub, Venn Diagram
  • 5 mins on slide 5 for the Self Reflection Learning Activity
  • 5 mins on slides 6 & 7 for Biblical Principles / Romans 15 discussion


  • 7 mins on slide 9 to include includes a quick discussion


  • 10 mins on slide 11 for the learning activity including time in breakout rooms with a partner


  • 5 mins on slide 15 to start the learning activity (finish on own and bring to coaching)
  • 15 mins on slide 20 for the learning activity in breakout rooms with a partner



Curriculum Team Support

The MI Curriculum team is here to support you. Reach out if you have questions by clicking this button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the NRC send workshop promotional communication?

We’ve created this promo video that will be sent to all leaders on Dec 13, 2023 via ThankView with the CTA of registering AND attending the workshop. If you would rather make and send your own, here are sample scripts you could use.

Please let Katie know no later than 12/11  if you wish for us NOT to send this video out on your behalf. 

Will leaders get access to material before the workshop?

The Q1 2024 Workshop resource page will be delivered to leaders at the workshopNOT BEFORE. In addition to workshop and additional resources, this resource page includes a digital workbook.

Making the Invitation – Workshop Resource Hub

No early-learning materials will be shared with leaders from the NRC.

Are there changes to the tool from the last time we taught the workshop?

You may be familiar with the tool called “The Anatomy of the Ask.” This tool has been updated with a title change to “Anatomy of the (Financial) Invitation” and the step details have been updated to match what we are teaching in the workshop.

If you were to compare both side by side, there are many similarities. We’ve worked to streamline the steps, and to also emphasize that the invitation is about the vision of what we can do together.

What are the Learning Activities?

This workshop is full of learning activities, that can be expanded to have multiple practice reps, or condensed to work through once in the workshop and offer more reps in coaching.

  • Opening
    • We start by doing a self-reflection exercise to help prepare leaders hearts and minds to receive the workshop.
    • Next is an exploratory discussion based around the Romans 15 passage that is foundational to this workshop.
    • At each new section of the workshop, we will refer to the principles we find in Romans 15.
  • Focused on Mission Section
    • Leaders will do an imagination exercise to help them visualize what their vision actually looks like. They will also practice sharing this with a partner.
    • Discussion about how we see Jesus inviting people and how it emphasizes what’s good for them.
  • Strategic in InvitationSection
    • The first is a pen-to-paper exercise considering the strategic priorities leaders have planned already for this year and listing out the specific ways someone could get involved in this priority.
    • The second learning activity is at the end of the workshop where leaders will be given real-life scenarios (that work for their ministries [not a Back-to-School example]), and practice applying what we taught to make financial invitations.
      • This is followed by a debrief of the activity and the workshop as a whole to close out the workshop.
What are the “Extra/Optional” slides for?

There are several hidden slides throughout the deck.  

  • Slide 23-41 – Contact slides. Because we’ve opted to not create customized workbooks for each AD this round, we are providing you with a contact slide that can be placed anywhere in the deck. Feel free to delete the slides that are not your contact.
  • Slide 42-47 – Slide templates. If you want to add extra slides, please use one of these templates so that the look and feel fits with the rest of the material.
Are there ministry examples of one-pager documents?

This example emphasizes specific current needs, offering options of giving levels.

This example emphasizes how a Champion can grow in other ways than giving.

This example emphasizes how to monetize the mission (note the 3 giving points associated with life impact).

This example highlights simple, and clear communication. They demonstrate their easy solution to a very clear problem.

This example emphasizes how donor dollars creates high overall impact.   

I customized my slides; how can I make a workbook match my slides?  

If you’ve customized your deck and want to have a workbook to match, we’ve made that possible. This folder contains instructions for creating your own workbook “insides”, as well as the cover pages and tools that can be added to your workbook.

What is the Q1 2024 webinar about?

Starting in 2024, we are decoupling webinars from the workshop focus. While there may be intersection, we wanted to open up webinars to allow for a broader topic.

The Q1 Webinar will air on February 14th at 11am PT. This webinar’s focus is on the intersection of evangelism and fundraising.


From Separate Tracks to Sacred Synergy:
Transforming Fundraising and Evangelism 

Have you ever felt like fundraising and evangelism are two separate tasks?  

We know of some nonprofits fundraise for the cause of evangelism. While other compassion-oriented nonprofits may even struggle to incorporate the work of evangelism into their ministry.  But what if we told you that there’s a powerful synergy between these two seemingly disparate activities? 

Join our powerful webinar to hear experts from the faith and fundraising sectors discuss how these two seemingly separate disciplines are interwoven in a way that transforms both. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the relationship between fundraising and evangelism. 
  • Identify how fundraising can be a platform for discipling champions closer to Jesus. 
  • See the sacred task of fundraising in a new light. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from experts, participate in a live Q&A, and rethink how we approach fundraising and evangelism. This webinar is for anyone involved in fundraising or evangelism at your organization. 

Registration will be open soon.

Coaching Support

Coming soon!