Building Your Platform for Influence

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Mission Increase seeks to elevate our Area Directors as experts in ministry leadership and to build platforms for influence in their communities and beyond.

Expected lesson duration: 20 mins

Read, take notes, prepare to discuss with your AD Trainer

MI On Social Media

Mission Increase is active on four social media platforms:


If you’re on social media, please follow us! We invite you to share any content you think might be of interest to our audiences. Our social media team is always looking for great stories to tell of what God is doing in and through Mission Increase!

Business Cards

The NRC team will provide you with business cards. These are particularly useful at events.

Connect with Brenda to begin the process of creating your business cards.

Email Signature

In order to present a consistent and professional image across all channels, Mission Increase Area Directors and Staff are asked to use email signatures that reflect our branding. Here are instructions for how to set up the email signature for your email address:

This book details out more on MI’s learning and training philosophy.

Your Community Page

Each Mission Increase ministry community has a landing page at mission These pages are designed to promote your community by highlighting the Area Director, some of the resources we provide, information about upcoming events, and a way to give in support of your ministry.

Example of a Community Page

Click on the orange hotspots in the image below to explore the elements of a community page.