Coaching – GrowthTrack

An Introduction to Coaching in GrowthTrack

Expected lesson duration: 30 mins

Read, take notes, and prepare to discuss with your GrowthTrack Trainer

Assignment: Before Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

Review the following resources:

Coaching Calendar Progress Guide

To take advantage of this automated approach, Begin in Outlook:

1. AD begins to create an appointment – first, select the Categorize feature in the menu bar. Create 2 NEW categories (or rename a category). You must name them EXACTLY as below to communicate properly with MI Admin; choose any color.
If you have already have the “Consulting Available” category, do not create this again.

Consulting Available
In-Person Only

2. Each calendar appointment is created separately in Outlook, with the option to repeat regularly using the Recurrence feature.

3. When creating ALL appointments you MUST select the Consulting Available box.
Select the In-Person Only box ALSO if the appointment is in-person only (does not apply if appointment is Remote Only or Either/Or type – descriptions below)

Additional Important Reminders:

  • The TITLE you enter in the Outlook appointment Title field will display as the title leaders see in your Admin calendar and in subsequent emails. Personalize as you like.
  • Enter a physical location/address only in LOCATION field. Leave Location empty if not meeting in a physical location. Do NOT enter Zoom links in this field (will interfere with code).
  • Any details entered into the body of the appointment at the time it is initially created will be visible to the leader.
  • Remember, you have the option to create 30 min appointments or longer.
Best Practice for Entering Group and Individual Coaching

There are best practices when managing Coaching. Group Coaching (with more than one org) is entered as a Group Learning event. And individual appointments (with one org) are entered in COACHING/CONSULTING Appointment Management.

Group Coaching

WHAT: An AD coaches (or consults) with more than one organization, thus multiple leaders.
May be a pre-planned gathering of orgs to coach on a particular topic
May be entered after the coaching

HOW: Create an event in GROUP LEARNING as “group learning” type (Admin>left Nav Bar)
When created ahead of time, leaders can register
May also be created after the group coaching as a means of tracking
Note images below. Once activated, Registrants and After Event tabs display, to manage and track.

Individual Coaching

WHAT: An AD coaches (or consults) with one organization, may be one or more leaders
May be pre-planned and scheduled.
May be entered after the coaching appointment.

HOW: Create an appointment in COACHING/CONSULTING Appointment Management (Admin>left Nav Bar)
Can be created ahead of time or after the appointment
Can be created manually by AD or automatically scheduled by leader through AD’s coaching calendar

Close out appointment in ‘After Events.’

Assignment: After Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

Try 2 additional TEST appointments, ensure they display correctly.

Report to Karla via Teams Chat your success, share any issues, or ask questions.