Continued Training – GrowthTrack

Continued Training in GrowthTrack

Expected lesson duration: 3hrs

Read, take notes, and prepare to discuss with your GrowthTrack Trainer

Assignment: Before Meeting with Karla

Approx. 2 hrs

  1. Map out all available coaching slots to offer post-launch to ministry leaders
  2. Add those correctly to Outlook to display in Admin – check along the way that each displays correctly from my Weekly View.

Assignment: After Meeting with Karla

Approx. 1 hr

  1. Handle the creation of any additional coaching appointments, as needed.
  2. Update first newsletter note and hit “AD Reviewed” when complete
  3. Create a plan for recruitment
  4. Look for Karla’s Open Office Hours for continued support; reach out with questions, as needed.

Stay Tuned!

After the Launch event, we can continue GrowthTrack training as you will actually be doing the work now and need support through this initial first workshop season.