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Expected lesson duration: 30 mins

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General Questions

My ministry has an account – how can I get added as a contact?

To take the next step to engage, you need to become a contact on your ministry’s online profile. Start here https://ministries.mif.org/ and use your EIN number to search for an existing profile. Once that’s found you can add yourself as a contact and create login credentials. You can also reach out to the Primary Contact on the account for assistance. If you do not find an existing account, you can choose to create a new one. This step will allow you to receive our communications and register for upcoming events and even coaching.

Why do ministry leaders need an EIN/Tax ID number to create a ministry profile?

We request Tax ID or EIN (Employee Identification Number) to confirm your non-profit status as our focus is to work with non-profit faith-based organizations.  This EIN also allows us to connect with an organization’s GuideStar data, which is helpful when a leader is diving deeper into coaching and Consulting with his/her local Mission Increase Area Director.

How do I direct a leader to scan their 990 tax document? A message says it’s too big to save the scan.

No need to scan the entire document – only scan a few key summary pages of the entire document (consider the first few and last few pages).

What’s the difference between CURRENT, ACTIVE, and ARCHIVED ministries?

Coming Soon! A new “Current” column in the Active Ministries tab to highlight this list.

  1. Current ministries have attended training or coaching/consulting in the last 18 months or have created an account within the last 12 months. This is a narrower number than Active.
  2. Active ministries have an account that has not yet been archived and may or may not have attended training or coaching/consulting. Can remain active by updating the profile within the last 18 months, even if they do not attend. This is a broader number and includes Current ministries. 
  3. Archived ministries have an account older than 12 months, have not updated their profile, and have not attended events or coaching/consulting in 18 months or more. Account moves back to Active if they update their profile or register for an event.
How do you create a new local account for a national organization with one EIN?

First confirm that there is not already a localized account for the national org.

Start to create an account at https://ministries.mif.org/ as new to Mission Increase

At the next step, enter the national EIN and do NOT choose to connect with a current account already in existence.

  • Because there may be multiple accounts with the same national EIN it is important to understand that the legal name, EIN, and 501c3 letter/doc will be the same across these accounts.  All other data should reflect the local chapter activity.
  • Enter the legal name, EIN, then enter a local community-specific name, i.e. Young Life Bronx or FCA North Dallas.
  • Remaining profile information in General, Purpose, Fundraising, and Contacts sections should reflect the local information as able (address, contacts, all fundraising data numbers should only reflect local activity).  This is key – to maintain accurate reporting, we don’t want fundraising data that is reported more than once in our system – each dollar should be reported once nationally, so local chapters report local numbers.
  • Again, the final Documents section should include the 501c3 letter reflecting the national org status

Single Sign-On (SSO) Questions

With the SSO, where do you direct a leader to log into the Ministry Portal?

Users go to https://ministries.mif.org/

Log-in page now has instructions and added links to help a leader set up this Single Sign on credentials (using his/her email address).

Yes – you or primary contact can help by creating a new contact on an account…

From Ministry Info icon>Profile>Contacts tab>Create Contact (see pic below). Add the new contact info, including email address he/she will use for login, hit save at the bottom of page. Then click the Action icon – envelope – to email the leader login instructions. The leader has to set up this last step of password, for security reasons. Lastly, personally email this new leader to inform them you’ve added him/her to the ministry’s account and you’ve sent them a separate email from our system (comes from AD) to give steps to finalize login credentials.

What to do if a Ministry Leader needs a change of email address, given the SSO set-up? 

Basically, we can start the process, then the leader needs to verify his/her email address to finalize the new email and SSO set-up.

You can’t change the password in the Contacts record field- it’s grayed out.
Hit the “request change of email” button and then fill in the new email in the open “new email” field.
Once you request this change of email address, you’ll see the message (shown in green below) that the leader now needs to confirm email by clicking a link sent to that same email.

Communications Questions

What are the steps to handle my Monthly Newsletter and when is it sent?

It is sent on the first Tuesday of each month (with few exceptions).

Here are basic steps – start in the Admin Portal:

  1. Activate any upcoming events in Event Management or Group Learning
  2. Start from the left nav bar>Events>News
  3. Hit “Add Content” to add newsletter for your community
  4. Use default note or choose to add a custom note
  5. Hit Save
  6. Preview to ensure all looks good, including to check links.
  7. Hit “AD Reviewed” – complete by Friday before the first Tuesday of each month.
  8. For support or help, contact Karla Roe directly.

Community/Site Questions

To Add a New Site
  1. Start from left Nav bar to Communities. On this page, do not click “New Community” button or the pencil icon next to your Community name.
  2. Choose the already existing Training Area – where this new site is generally located.
  3. Click on the Action icon to the right of the Training Area (pencil) to edit this TA
  4. Click  button. 
  5. Add details (hints: start time/end time is general and pay attention to the HOST drop-down to include the various types of events this site might host, for ease in activating future events (may include workshops, group learning, small group session, consulting)
  6. Hit “Save” at the end
  7. Now this site will be available as you activate future events (assuming that type was chosen in the “Hosts” section)
Access your Community- specific list of Webinar attendees and DAY OF WEBINAR HELP

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Registered leaders should’ve received a confirmation email on Monday, with a “Click here” to join the webinar link.
  2. Registered leaders will also receive a 30 minute ahead reminder to join the webinar, with a similar “Click here” link to join.
  3. This “Click here” link is all they need to join – it puts them on a landing page, allows us to take attendance, and at 11:00 am PT, they are automatically moved into the webinar
  4. No one needs to see a Zoom link
  5. If you want to see your community-specific list of registrants or a leader still needs help and requests another email/link, follow these steps in the Admin Portal:
    1. Filter on the left Nav Bar to NTL (National) community
    1. Click on Event Management on left Nav Bar
    1. Click on the > (caret) next to the title: <Month/Year> Webinar Title
    1. Specific date event will show, then scroll to the right to Action Icons column, click on the people icon for “Registrants list”
    1. In Registrants list, hover over the Community Column to Filter to your community.
    1. Now you can see the list of your community specific registrants. From here, you can:
      1. Scroll to the far right Action Icon, hit envelope/”Send Confirmation Email”
      1. Hit “email registrants” if you want to communicate before or after event

Giver Portal Questions

What happens when a Giver registers for one of your events?

 AD will receive an email notifying you that this Giver has registered for this event.

The Giver’s Portal is not connected to this Event Registration list, so your Giver will not show up on your Registrants list automatically and will not receive email confirmation.

AD should take these steps:

  1. Manually register this Giver for this event from Event Management>Event Registrants icon>Add Registrant
  2. Mark to send Confirmation email (if not already marked “yes”)
  3. Consider a personalized email thanking them for registering

More Questions?

Reach out to Karla for any additional questions!