Introduction – GrowthTrack

An Introduction to GrowthTrack

Expected lesson duration: 45 mins

Read, take notes, and prepare to discuss with your GrowthTrack Trainer

Assignment: Before Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

You have been given access to GrowthTrack. Your task is to explore the platform and make observations and list questions. The left nav bar is a good place to start. Use the notes tab to jot down your observations and questions. Have this ready before your next meeting with Karla.

In your upcoming meeting with Karla, be prepared to:

  • Share your prospecting updates
  • Share any noted observations and questions on GrowthTrack

Assignment: After Meeting with Karla

Approx. 30 mins

Continue to build your prospecting list by gathering contact information.

Freely explore the Ministries section in GrowthTrack as you prepare for the next lesson. Take notes and record your observations and questions.