Ministries – GrowthTrack

An Introduction to Ministries in GrowthTrack

Expected lesson duration: 30 mins.

Read, take notes, prepare to discuss with your GrowthTrack Trainer

Assignment: Before Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

Click on the Help button in the top right hand corner of GrowthTrack for some helpful tips.

In the notes tab, answer the following questions related to your Exploration in GrowthTrack. Feel free to have GrowthTrack up while answering these questions and share them with Karla in your next meeting.

Use the worksheet from the previous sections to self-report your answers and plan on sharing them with Karla in your next meeting.

  • What 3 sections are Ministries divided into?
  • When filtered to “All Communities”, what is the total number of Active accounts?
  • Name 1 ministry with a teaching account, 1 ministry with a coaching account, and 1 ministry with a Consulting account.
  • In Active or Archived, find the help link and read the 3 ministries’ status definitions.

Assignment: After Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

In the Ministries section, set up your columns as you’d like, and hit “save view” (hint: this option is found on the right corner – 3 little dots)

  • From left nav bar, filter to MTN Community>Ministries:
    • Find the total number of MTN Active ministry accounts.
    • Filter on the Account Type column to Coaching level. Find the total number of MTN coaching accounts.
    • Sort the Account Created column to find the name of the newest Ministry Account.
  • Continue to gather contact information to build the Prospect List.