Our Audiences

Mission Increase serves three main audiences. Each has unique needs and requires special attention.

Expected lesson duration: 5 mins

Read, take notes, prepare to discuss with your AD Trainer

Core Audiences of Mission Increase

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AKA: Givers, Champions, Foundations

At MI, we refer to these people as “Champions,” because we want more than just their money! We want champions to grow in the cause of MI, and we seek to develop them toward deeper involvement through praying, learning, sharing, giving, and serving.

Our donors include those who give to support your local ministry community and also those who give to Mission Increase at the national level.

The generosity of our Givers make it possible for us to serve nonprofit leaders free of charge.

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Nonprofit Leaders

AKA: Ministry Leaders, Nonprofits, Organizations

Mission Increase primarily serves the leaders of faith-based nonprofit ministries. These are engaged in everything from ministries to the houseless to providing after school student care to running addiction recovery programs.

We teach and coach nonprofit leaders to engage in fundraising, communication, events, and organizational leadership the Mission Increase way.

We’re able to provide our services to nonprofit leaders free of charge thanks to the generosity of our givers and champions.

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AKA: Congregations, Faith Communities

A third audience has some overlap with the other two: churches are both nonprofits that we teach/coach AND donors in support of the work we do. In many cases, ADs are partially or fully funded by a local church that wants to multiply their impact in their community by serving all nonprofits in their area.

We recognize that there has come to be a disconnect between churches and nonprofit ministries. In many cases, they find themselves in competition for the money, time, and attention of God’s people. We work to bridge the divide for the sake of Kingdom ministry!

Local Area Boards

Your Local Area Board (LABs) was instrumental in finding, interviewing, and hiring you as an Area Director. They are your biggest champions and the ultimate “owners” of your work.

Mission Increase moves into a new area when two key things happen:

  1. There is demand: A sufficient number of faith-based nonprofit ministries express interest in joining a Mission Increase ministry community and to approaching fundraising and ministry the Mission Increase way. These organizations are asked to provide a great deal of data that local givers can use to gauge willingness, their grant-worthiness.
  2. There is funding: Typically, generous people will indicate a willingness to provide the financial resources needed to fund the work of an Area Director. Of these, we identify a select few who can serve as a Local Area Board (LAB); essentially functioning as a Board of Directors for the local Mission Increase ministry community. They provide guidance, support, and accountability to the Area Director while helping to raise funds to keep the work going strong.