STEP 2: Messaging

The Monetize Your Mission exercise you just did, got you thinking about how to make the invitation. Now it’s time to think about what communication pieces will be shared in support of the invitation.

How will you talk about monthly giving?

Tell Stories

In his book Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller positions the organization as the guide and the customers (or in our case, champions) as the heroes. They are the ones making the difference. The stories you share around your Monthly Giving Program can be used to highlight your champions as the heroes in the story. Consider how you can communicate that monthly givers are the ones providing solutions to problems. Can you share stories of changed lives — not only in your beneficiaries, but your champions?


A camp’s monthly givers provide scholarships for campers. They’ve collected stories from scholarship recipients about how their lives were impacted in the short and long run from being able to go to camp. They share these stories when inviting people to become a monthly giver. Additionally, when sharing impact stories with their Champion community at large, they mention that these scholarships were made possible because of their monthly givers. In many cases, the call to action may not necessarily be to become a monthly giver, but by simply connecting the dots, the organization is helping its champions learn how these impactful stories are made possible.

This same camp collects stories from their monthly giver champions. They describe why they were drawn to this cause, why they believe in scholarships, and how their lives have been impacted by supporting scholarships. The organization shares these stories of champion impact when inviting others to consider the same personal transformation by becoming a monthly giver. And they also repurpose these stories for the community at large, to encourage others about the life-changing power God is providing through the camp.

Name Your Program

Connect your monthly giving program name to your work. Consider names that will help champions see each other as a part of the larger group.

A recognizable and memorable name can also become its own brand. It can help give champions a simple term to talk about what they’re a part of. This kind of branding will go far in helping your people stay connected to the work and help them to feel more like an insider. It emphasizes community and the feeling of belonging among members.

Work through the following Exploration to help name your monthly giving program.