STEP 4: Launch

Once you’ve determined who to invite, it’s time to launch your Monthly Giving Program.

Honor Founding Members

Those giving monthly before you launch, or those who join right away are your founding members. It’s important to celebrate your early adopters.  Not only does it appreciate those who’ve already been supporting you regularly, but it can encourage others to get involved. People are more likely to join something that is already has the support of others.

These champions can help you soft-launch your campaign, and help you work out any system and processing kinks, or to speak into the communication and marketing material voice and design. With their permission you could list them somewhere in a newsletter or website. Help them see that they have laid the Foundation for more giving.

Create a Launch Campaign

Map out the timeline. To create a launch campaign, consider when you’ll start, and when you’ll end. Additionally, consider if there are other events or important days that could influence the schedule and add momentum. For example, a fundraising event could be a great kick-off event for a monthly giving campaign. Events are an excellent way to highlight a monthly giving program. You’ll need to decide if this is an appropriate step for your audience and make sure guests have something smaller for those that are just getting to know your organization. However, don’t leave the invitation completely off the table. Remember, these gifts are more valuable than onetime givers because of the lifetime value of the donor.

Have a starting goal. You will also want to consider your starting goals for this group of givers. For example, they may want to secure $1500 a month, or 20 new monthly givers. By having a goal, you can communicate ongoing progress toward this goal.

Layer communication. Every person has a different communication style, so use multiple methods of communication when delivering your monthly giving stories and invitations. It’s important to use multiple methods that all work together cohesively. It used to be that we had to message something 7x before people responded. Now experts are saying this is up to 21x.

This ministry example demonstrates a layered launch campaign.

While your campaign wont look exactly like this one, take note of ideas that jump out to you as you watch their example and consider how it translate for your organization’s campaign.