Mission Increase is about people, but we use all different technologies to serve them well!

Expected lesson duration: 10 mins

Read, take notes, and prepare to discuss with your AD Trainer

Mac and PC

Mission Increase uses both! We provide your Local Area Board with specifications for the computer you’ll need to use in fulfillment of your AD role. We know that some people have strong preferences, so we accommodate both Macs and PCs by using web-based software that’s compatible with either option.

Heroic: Our IT Help Desk

To provide for all your IT support needs, Mission Increase has a standing contract with Heroic Technologies, a tech support firm in Portland and San Jose. These knowledgable and experienced folks are standing by should you need help with your laptop, phone, or with using Microsoft 365 products, like Word, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

To set up a support ticket with Heroic, you can:
(503) 766-5985

Helpdesk hours are 9AM-5PM Pacific

Spam Filtering

Heroic has installed software on our systems that monitors your email inbox to filter out spam and other malicious incoming email. From time to time, you will receive a digest of emails that have been blocked by Heroic’s filters. This is for your information. Should you see any legitimate email in the digest, there’s a button that allows you to notify the filters to allow email from that sender in the future.

An example of a spam filter digest. Listed emails have been flagged as spam and blocked. If this was done in error, you can choose “release” and the system will allow email from that sender.


We work hard to be a data-driven service to nonprofit organizations. Mission Increase collects as much info as we can about the nonprofits we serve so that we can understand and measure their health and progress toward outcomes. To collect, organize, and analyze this data, Mission Increase has our own proprietary database called GrowthTrack. GrowthTrack serves as Mission Increase’s central hub for:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Where we keep track of an organization’s
    • Tax records, fundraising results, organizational structure
    • Participation in MI events
    • AD notes (from workshops, coaching calls, etc.
    • Grant-readiness
  • Nonprofit Portal: Ministry Leaders with ministry accounts can log in provide info, register for events, and connect with their AD.
  • Communications hub: We send mass emails, like newsletters and event promotion announcements, always “from” the Area Director.

GrowthTrack is built and maintained by Mission Increase’s Software Development Team. Karla Roe will train you in how to use GrowthTrack, and will be your point of contact should you have any questions or need help!

Visit GrowthTrack at

Learn is Mission Increase’s Learning Management System. It’s one way we provide learning content to Ministry Leaders. Currently, two main types of content are provided through Learn:

  • Introductory Courses: 6 courses, designed to introduce key MI concepts and set up a ministry leader for a fruitful conversation with their Area Director.
  • Workshop Resources: Our quarterly workshops include lots of tools, templates, resources, examples, and learning activities. The LMS allows us to deliver an electronic version of the workshop workbook that includes links to all these resources and more.

Access Learn at

Mission Increase uses Microsoft365 services. This means that we rely heavily on Microsoft Teams for a variety of functions:

  • Internal communications: chat, meeting notes, project-based conversation
  • File sharing (per project): files, links, shared documents
  • Collaboration: Realtime work on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents
  • Video meetings: We use Teams for meetings, calls, and webinars

To help orient Mission Increase staff in Teams, we maintain a “How to Use Teams” channel in Teams, which includes a user guide, tips and tricks, and answers to frequently-asked questions.

MI Brand Resources

Our brand is our reputation. It is how we present ourselves and how we are perceived by others. The MI brand standards have been established to ensure we present ourselves consistently to our audiences.

Review the following Brand Resources and complete the font check.

Learn more about the MI brand and design specifics regarding logos, fonts, colors, images, and more.

All MI community and cause-centered logos are available for download in various file formats.

Likely, Heroic has already installed the MI Fonts. If not, below is list of downloadable zip files of all MI fonts.
Please reach out if you need assistance with using or installing these fonts.

Need something else? Use this form to request projects from our Creative Director, Bo Lane.

Assignment: Font Check

To ensure that the MI Fonts are installed on your computer, download this font test file. Take a screen shot of the Word doc and send it to Katie.