Building Your Monthly Giving Invitation List

A tool to help you determine who to invite to become a monthly giver.
1 page fillable PDF

So, you’ve built your Monthly Giving Program – now who do you invite?

It’s important to invite people to become monthly givers when it’s the right next step for them. This tool will help you consider:

  • Who not to invite
  • Who has been giving not is not yet engaged
  • Who has been learning, serving, sharing, praying but not giving

Monthly giving is a great opportunity to help those who may be giving but not involved elsewhere, or vice versa, to round out their Champion experience through multiple involvement areas. Once you’ve spent some time determining who monthly giving is right for, you can be off to the races inviting people to experience generosity through their giving and connection to the cause.

Used in connection with the “Building Sustainability Through Monthly Giving” workshop


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