Acts 15 Bible Study on Board Leadership

A bible study for nonprofit boards.
5 page fillable PDF and 1 page study outline

Available Downloads:

Is your board looking for a study to help you explore what the Bible has to say related to leadership, decision-making or running an effective meeting? This Acts 15 study is for you!

This study:

  • Is available as a guided overview, or pen-to-paper exercise
  • Relates to common issues facing Boards such as:
    • Dilemmas
    • Details
    • Discussions
    • Discernment
    • Decisions
    • Doing

The Bible is filled with wisdom and solutions to the questions and problems we face in the 21st century. The best outcomes for life will come from the Bible. Boards, meetings, and decision-making is no exception. Acts 15:1-35 is a powerful passage of Scripture with wisdom and examples that can apply toward your role as board members, having healthier meetings and decision-making. This is true if you are a donor, a ministry leader, or simply a follower of Jesus Christ.

Used in conjunction with the How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards workshop.


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