Anatomy of the Ask

A step-by-step guide for making a strong financial ask.
1 page PDF

Does making the ask for a gift cause you anxiety? Having a plan for what to say can help relieve the stress.

This script-like guide walks you through five points for making an ask:

  1. Set the agenda
  2. Connect, confirm, and discern
  3. Transition to the ask
  4. Ask for the gift
  5. Receive the answer

The liberating nature of generosity means inviting champions to give is a sacred task that grows God’s Kingdom. Fundraising is a high calling, it is ministry, it is something God uses for transformation, liberation, joy and freedom – which means an important part of the relationships is making asks.  You can invite givers to respond to God’s abundance, with confidence when you use a trusted framework.

This go-to guide is frequently requested by ministry leaders and has helped countless organizations make strong asks, raise more money and grow their champions in the process.

*Used as part of this workshop: Asking with Confidence, Courage and Conviction


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