Anatomy of the Financial Invitation

A step-by-step guide for making a strong financial invitations.
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Do meetings where you intend to invite someone to make a financial gift cause you anxiety? Having a plan for what to do and say can help relieve the stress.

This script-like guide, adapted from the Anatomy of the Ask, walks you through four points for making an invitation:

  1. Check in, celebrate, care
  2. Make needs known
  3. Invite them into ownership in the problem
  4. Receive the response

Inviting people to take action through giving is an important part of our work because it strengthens our faith and grows our champions. You’re not just asking for money, you’re inviting them to experience life that is fully life as they step deeper into the calling God has for them. We’re inviting them to take an important growth step.

This easy-to-follow format can be used when making financial invitations as well as any other growth-oriented step.

*Used as part of this workshop: Making the Invitation


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