Annual Champion Development for Board Members Form

A tool to help increase increase engagement for individual board members using P-E-O.
2 page fillable PDF and customizable Word template

Available Downloads:

Are you looking for a way to improve the engagement of your board members? This tool can help.

This two-page tool helps board members:

  • Brainstorm the ways they can grow through prayer, learning, serving, giving and sharing
  • Create individualized growth commitment plans

This tool helps you prioritize the growth of board members as champions. Even your most involved board members can continue to grow. The engagement of the board sets the tone for the whole ministry, and ultimately influences the entire community, including staff and champions. Don’t leave that up to chance.

Imagine how good it would feel to lead, or be a part of, a board that is just as excited to grow individually and as they are about the organization’s growth.

*Used as part of this workshop: How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards


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