Annual Fundraising Plan Template

An annual fundraising plan template.
Excel template.

Do you have a functional plan for how to raise the money needed spend in order to achieve your vision?  

This 7-step template, used in partnership with the Holy Spirit, helps leaders:

  • Ground themselves on the vision and mission
  • Analyze past data to write informed goals
  • Create an action plan
  • Design a review process

This spreadsheet contains formulas that will auto-populate information as you enter it in subsequent tabs to make data entry and review easier!

The planning process is as valuable as the plan and as valuable as the ability to execute the plan. Having a plan will help put an end to worry and give you freedom to execute in a proactive way instead of leading from a reactive position.

Join countless other leaders who have used this plan to set up their upcoming year for success!

Used during the Annual Fundraising Plan workshops.


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