Assembling the Team

A tool to help you brainstorm the people who should be involved in your strategic planning process.
1 page fillable PDF

Strategic Planning is an act of leadership but, it’s not limited to leadership.

This tool will help ministry leaders consider who else should be involved in the planning process by considering:

  • Timeframes
  • Internal Constituents
  • External Constituents

You can involve your team in issuing surveys, participating in focus groups, and being responsive to key ideas and suggestions. Seeking input to develop the plan will help when it’s time to put your plan into action. Once you have developed your best estimate of the necessary tasks and activities of your plan, involve your team not only in the execution of the plan based on their skills but also in communicating progress towards implementing the plan.

Strategic plans are dependent on bold leaders but the healthiest, most life-giving planning processes include all your stakeholders.


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