Board Annual Affirmation

A set of recommended statements that board members would affirm each year.
1 page fillable PDF

Are you looking for a way for your board to annual affirm their commitments and service as a board member? This template is for you.

Use this tool to help affirm a board member’s:

  • Commitment to the Christian faith and the cause of the organization
  • Commitment to the responsibilities of a board member
  • Commitment to engaging others in the cause

It’s healthy for board members to annually affirm their commitments to the organization, cause, and this position. Using this tool has multiple benefits:

  • It helps communicate expectations when orientating new board members
  • It lays a Foundation for board members to recommit each year, or acknowledge what they are no longer able to do
  • It becomes a point of reference for accountability

Join countless Boards who have used this tool and seen an increase commitment, communication, and engagement within their board.

*Used as part of these workshops: Growing Effective and Faithful Boards; Fostering Dynamic Board Leaders


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