Board Discernment Exercise

A 3-part tool to guide boards through a prayerful discernment process.
1 page fillable PDF

Are you facing a big decision, and not sure how to process through it?

This tool provides a process to:

  • Clarify an issue
  • Examine options
  • Determine alignment
  • Consider the impact it will have for all stakeholders
  • Seek prayer

Ministry leaders have to make decisions every day, big and small. To avoid making decisions in haste, it is important to go through a process of discernment. By using this tool, executive directors, development directors, program directors, board members and anyone in between can confidently process through a decision. Using this process with simple decisions can help you develop a habit that can be applied to big decisions.

Join countless other ministry leaders who’ve followed this simple discernment process to help you and your team make good decisions.

*Used as part of the workshop:  Fostering Dynamic Board Leaders


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