Board Member Financial Commitment Form

A tool to help board members articulate their financial commitment.
1 page Word template

Are you looking for a way to help board members articulate their financial commitment?  This form can help.

This simple template helps organizations:

  • Gain financial commitments from board members
  • Create accountability plans based on board member intention
  • Factor board giving into the annual Budget
  • Emphasize the expectation on board giving

Giving is an indication of a board member’s heart for the organization and cause. And it is also as a statement of their solidarity with the organization when they are fundraising. This tool helps clearly articulate the expectations for board member giving and gives those who oversee the annual fundraising plan and budget, a better idea of what they can expect from these specific champions.

Celebrating the generosity of your board members is a great joy. Allow this tool to help you foster that.

*Used as part of this workshop: How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards


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