Board Policy Manual Template

A board policy manual template from the Andringa Group.
15 page Word document

Download the Tool Here from the Andringa Group

Download the Tool Here from the Andringa Group
Your board needs a policy manual, but there’s no need to write one from scratch. Use this template!

Follow this easy to use 15-page template created by the Andringa Group and feel confident:

  • That all the important things are covered
  • You have a structure to continually add and update policies
  • That you have tool for training board members

Creating policies is crucial to ensure the board can be effective. A Board Policy Manual (BPM) covers roles and responsibilities, board expectations, limitations, and freedoms of authority for the CEO, impact measurements and more.

Creating a policy manual is the first order of business for a healthy board and an ongoing function of a board committee.

*Used as part of this workshop: Growing Effective and Faithful Boards; Fostering Dynamic Board Leaders


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