Board Recruitment Brainstorm Guide

A 5-step guide to brainstorming potential board members.
3 page PDF

Is your board recruitment strategy feeling stale or stalled? This brainstorming guide is just what you need to reenergize your strategy and open your eyes to who the potential board members are around you.

This 5-step guide will lead your entire board through a process to:

  • Consider the talents, connections, or insights your organization needs
  • Brainstorm the affinity groups that are connected to your cause
  • Create a pipeline of people

For the health of the organization, the board must engage in recruitment and maintain a pipeline for new board members. This tool will help expand a board’s imagination as to who should be on their watchlist and then begin to intentionally cultivate relationships with potential members so that when the time is right, they can confidently invite them into board service.

Imagine how good it will feel to have a vibrant list of potential board members who aren’t simply filling a seat, but rather bringing the needed skills and connection to the cause.

*Used as part of this workshop: Growing Effective and Faithful Boards


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