Board Self-Assessment Survey

An extended self-assessment survey for board members.
2 page fillable PDF

You know it’s important for board members to annually self-assess, but do you have a way to do that? Look no further.

This two-page form will help board members evaluate their own:

  • Understanding and execution of roles and responsibilities
  • Board meetings attendance
  • Involvement in the cause and organization
  • Progress toward targets that have been set collectively by the board

Board members must know the expectations and responsibilities when they first agree to service and have continued training toward their roles and responsibilities. These should be included in a board policy manual. Yet, it’s not enough though for board members to simply know what’s expected of them. Board members should self-assess with regularity (preferably annually) their understanding and execution of these responsibilities. This creates a culture of accountability and excellence, it helps members and chairs create plans to improve in certain areas, and if necessary, helps members identify if board service is no longer a good fit.

Boards that incorporate a self-assessment process tend to have highly engaged and effective boards. Yours can too!

*Used as part of the workshop:  How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards


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