Building a Monthly Giving Program Checklist

A checklist for starting, and maintaining, a monthly giving program.
1 page PDF

Ready to start a Monthly Giving Program, but want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything? This checklist is a great place to start!

This one-page checklist offers leaders practice reminders to help them:

  • Set up well
  • Create a communications plan
  • Launch
  • Retain givers and refine processes

This tool has been newly revised with the addition of the Retain and Refine section – helping leaders ensure they are retaining their monthly givers and refining their program as time goes on. Leaders who’ve attended our monthly giving workshops and coaching opportunities say that this tool has been incredibly helpful. Not only does it serve as a check list of things to ensure are happening in a monthly giving program. It also allows leaders to assess what’s working and what needs attention.

This tool works well in conjunction with coaching from your local Area Director, and benefits from the Intro to Monthly Giving online course.

This tool was used in the Communicating with Monthly Givers, and Increasing Sustainability through Monthly Giving workshops.


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