Choosing a CRM

Things to consider when choosing a CRM.
2 page PDF

Are you in the market for a customer relationship manager (CRM), but overwhelmed with where to begin? This tool helps you think through what you need so your CRM shopping can be simplified.

This one-page document offers a helpful framework to think through, including guidance for:

  • Questions to answer before CRM shopping
  • Features to consider
  • Who oversees the CRM
  • How to ensure you’re getting the most out of your CRM
  • Getting ready to migrate data

A CRM is an important system on your fundraising team to help you stay organized, up to date, and give you the ability to think strategically about your Champion development and growth. While it’s important to have one, it’s just as important to be thoughtful when choosing the right one.

This go-to guide is frequently requested by ministry leaders and has helped countless organizations simplify their process for selecting a CRM.


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