Church Acknowledgement of Appreciation Template

A template for acknowledging and appreciating church partnerships.
2 page Word document

We serve a generous God that has called both the local church and the nonprofit to seek the flourishing of people’s lives to further the Kingdom. Are you wanting to begin, or nurture, a relationship with the local churches your board members attend? Look no further.

This two-page tool provides:

  • An easy-to-use template that can be customized to your context
  • An example

Research shows that when the relationship between church and ministry leaders is marked by a spirit of generosity, a highly effective and fruitful partnership is possible. This template helps Boards acknowledge this joint stewardship with the churches in your community. As a team, develop a statement you can provide to each of the board member/church relationship represented in your organization. Then brainstorm as a group how you will use this tool to not only communicate these commitments but live them out.

Stop wishing for what you want FROM churches and start communicating what you want FOR churches.

*Used as part of this workshop: How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards


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