Connection, Ability, Readiness

A tool to help leaders know if someone is ready to make a major gift.
3 page PDF & Excel template

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Wondering if someone is ready to make a Major Gift? Consider their connection, ability and readiness!

This 3 page tool helps leaders consider a Champion’s:

  • Connection based on their involvement in the cause
  • Ability based historical data and qualitative information
  • Readiness based on historical data and other involvement steps

When leaders ask the right person, for the right gift, at the right time, they are far more likely to receive a gift. This tool contains instructions in the PDF and offers a customizable Excel spreadsheet that can be updated with regularity and is combined with a simplified major gifts tracking sheet.

This tool has been used by countless leaders to help them determine who to ask for what, and when.

Used in the Demystifying the Major Gifts Plan workshop.


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