Event Follow Up Plan

A guide for following up with people after events.
1 page fillable PDF

Do you find it discouraging that the same people who showed up to an event end up sneaking out the backdoor without engaging further in your work? This tool can help!

This one-page tool helps leaders create a follow up plan for:

  • Large-Scale events
  • Micro-Events
  • Signature Participation Projects
  • Any other type of event or activity

This tool will help you create an intentional plan to follow up with attendees within 1-2 days of the event, 1 month of the event and 6 months in ways that acknowledge what they did, invite them into deeper growth in the cause, and report what’s happened. When new people are nurtured and cared for after attending an event, they are more likely to stick around, engage further and give again.

Stop losing givers, instead create a strategy for how you’ll follow up and invite them into a deeper engagement with your ministry and cause.

*Used as part of these workshops: Design Inspirational Large-Scale Fundraising Events, Activate Champion Participation, Inspirational Acquisition Events your Champions can Host, Innovative Fundraising Events


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