Finding Your Biblical Language for the Cause

A guide to help you find your biblical language for the cause. 
1 page fillable PDF

You know the work you do is God-honoring, but do you need help finding the biblical language for the work you do?

This printable four-question PDF has you covered. This tool will help you:

  • Identify key scriptures that relate to your work
  • Make connections between your core message and your biblical language
  • Explore how to leverage this language to create a movement

As ministry leaders, we must reject the idea that our organization IS the cause and remember that our organization is part of a bigger movement – it is part of the biblical cause.​ The Bible is full of causes that are close to God’s heart and your organization is one way God is effecting change in that cause. Powerfully articulate your reason for being in a way that is linked directly to scripture.

This tool has helped countless ministry leaders uncover the core biblical cause they are working in. See how other ministries have done this here.

*Used as part of Transformational Giving: Experience Fundraising as a Joyful Calling launch workshops


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