Getting the Meeting

A script structure to help you get a meeting with a champion.
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Are you looking for an easy structure for helping you secure a meeting with a Champion? This is the tool for you!

This simple script structure helps leaders:

  • Have a simple structure, that can be customized, when calling a champion to schedule a meeting
  • Provides prompts for what to say when
    • someone answers the phone
    • when leaving a voicemail
  • Offers suggestions for what to say depending on the answer

The act of scheduling a meeting is one of, if not the most, important skill in having relationships that produce major gifts. The idea here is that giving you actual words to say, however clunky, will allow you to practice and make it become more natural. It’s not a formula, and you should adapt it to your own ministry and style.

Have more confidence when you go to schedule your next meeting by using this tool.

*Used as part of this workshops: Asking with Confidence, Courage and Conviction; Asking without Fear


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