Individual Champion Development Plan

This tool helps leaders think about a development plan for a specific champion.
1 page fillable PDF

Are you looking for a helpful guide to growing an individual Champion of your organization and cause? This tool is for you!

This simple, one-page document walks you through a simple structure

  • Pause
  • Pray
  • Prioritize next steps

Transformational giving focuses on what is wanted for our givers, not just from them. This mindset helps you avoid chasing the biggest gift possible, and instead seeking the right next step (learning, serving, praying, sharing, or giving) from the right person, at the right time. This tool works in conjunction with your P-E-O plan and can be used for initial relationships, or as a follow up tool.

Join countless ministry leaders who’ve used this tool to help create an individualized plan for their champions, and watch their engagement and ownership of the cause skyrocket.


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