Knowing Yourself and Your Givers

Better understand yourself in your fundraising role.
1 page fillable PDF

Have you noticed yourself projecting your own views, fears, hesitations about giving and money on your givers? Spend some time sitting with what you think about fundraising and money and what you know about your givers.

This printable two-part PDF has you covered. This tool will help you:

  • Identify how you view giving and money
  • Consider what might make giving a joyful and satisfying experience for someone
  • Recognize what might motivate your givers to participate through giving

Sometimes ministry leaders carry around baggage about money and wealth that they aren’t even aware of. Unfortunately, if left unaddressed, this will come out as you engage with your givers and champions. It is critical for ministry leaders to know how they themselves relate to money, so they can recognize areas they want to grow in. 

For further study, we recommend reading The Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen as it inspired this tool and studying these scriptures:

  • Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings 4
  • Moses and the building of the Tabernacle in Exodus 25-31
*Used as part of Transformational Giving: Experience Fundraising as a Joyful Calling launch workshops, and many of our Major Gifts workshops. 


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