Logic Model

A template and example of a logic model to use when developing a strategic plan, or trying to refine how you logically communicate impact.
2 page fillable PDF 

If someone were to ask you how a request for resources creates impact, could you logically map that? Or when developing your strategic plan, can your team articulate how what you do is creating results? If not, this tool can help.

Gather your team together to reflect on:

  • The resources you need
  • The services you offer
  • The numbers in your programs
  • The anticipated change and results
  • The desired effects

Logic models are hypothesized descriptions of the chain of causes-and-effects leading to an Outcome of interest. While they can be in a narrative form, Logic Model usually take form in a graphical depiction of the “if-then” relationships between the various elements leading to the outcome. They help leaders slow down and understand how they get from point A to Z, or from Z to A. This not only gives you better fodder for planning and setting improvement goals, but it also allows you to communicate effectively with champions the process of what you do.

Join countless leaders who have used this tool to strengthen their Strategic Planning process.

*Used as part of the Strategic Planning for Kingdom Impact workshops in 2021


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