Measure on Purpose

Measure your communication plan performance.
Excel template

Are you looking for a simple solution to measure and evaluated your communication data? Look no further!

This customizable excel spreadsheet template has you covered. This tool will help you:

  • Define measurement terms
  • Save time
  • Organize your data in one place
  • Back up your communication strategy with good data
  • Identify areas you want to modify

This two-tabbed spreadsheet provides with a template and a completed example. Tab one contains recommended things to track, whether you’re just getting started or if you’re ready to take your measurement and Evaluation to the next level.  It also provides space for you to make observations of your data and document ideas to test or change. Tab two highlights an example of a completed tool, noting observations and considerations for future communications.

This spreadsheet will help you and your team track things like:

  • Organization’s marketing activities
  • Calls to action
  • Champion responses
  • Website results
  • Email results
  • Social media results

Imagine being able to confidently walk into a meeting about your next email campaign armed with up-to-date data about open rate and champion engagement to help you and your team make inform decisions!

*Used as part of the 2022 Communication on Purpose, With Purpose learning series.


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