Monetize Your Mission

A tool to help you clarify your ask.
2 page fillable PDF

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Are you finding it challenging to communicate with your givers the reason and impact of the gifts you’re asking them to make? This tool can help!

Following a simple XYZ structure, this tool helps you:

  • Define the ask
  • Clarify what it provides
  • Describes what happens as a result

When asking for a financial commitment, help your champions gain a richer understanding of what their giving will accomplish. A simple strategy for making a good ask follows the XYZ structure. If you give X, it will provide Y, which means Z. It’s helpful to work backwards to craft your monthly giving invitation using the XYZ structure.

These tools are helpful for ministry leaders in many scenarios. From working with major givers, to communicating to monthly givers, to making strong calls-to-actions in newsletters and social media posts, to an ask from the stage at an event.

  • The one-to-many tool will help you practice articulating a more compelling ask that can be used with a specific giver.
  • The one-to-many tool will help you consider how you can articulate a compelling ask that might be for a specific program, campaign or at an event.


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