Onboarding Ideas for New Monthly Givers

Time-based onboarding ideas for monthly givers.
2 page fillable PDF

Are you looking for ways to help you onboard new monthly givers into your program and organization? Look no further!

This simple tool helps leaders plan for how they will onboard their new monthly givers by communicating:

  • Within the first 72 hours
  • Within the first 10 days
  • Within the first month
  • Within the first 60 days

When someone raises their hand and says, “I’m in!” you need to have a plan in place to welcome them through a series of communications that help integrate them into your community. Your plan will envelope new monthly givers into a group of existing monthly givers, encouraging one another that there are more like-minded and like-hearted people just like them.

Imagine the rich one-to-many relationships you can foster through your Monthly Giving Program when you’ve done the work to onboard them well!

This tool was used in the Communicating with Monthly Givers, and Increasing Sustainability through Monthly Giving workshops.


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