P-E-O Template

A template for developing a champion development strategy.
1 page fillable PDF and an Excel template

Available Downloads:

Are you needing a plan for how to involve your givers and volunteers in the work of your ministry? P-E-O can help!

This simple, but powerful tool helps leaders consider growth steps in:

  • Learning
  • Serving
  • Praying
  • Sharing
  • Giving

It’s important to recognize that we want something for our champions and not just want something from them. P-E-O is a Champion development strategy that encourages comprehensive growth, starting with participation, moving into engagement and finally ownership in the cause. This template allows leaders to put all their thoughts into one document so that they always have an idea for what to invite someone to do next.

Countless leaders have transformed their organizations with P-E-O. Imagine how vibrant your community will be when your people are involved in a variety of ways and growing more deeply in the cause.


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