Planning Your Monthly Giving Communications Calendar

An easy-to-use 4-part tool to help leaders plan their monthly giving communication. Incudes an example.
3 page fillable PDF

Do you need a structure for your communications planning for monthly givers? This tool can help!

This easy-to-use four-part tool will help you:

  • Consider how and what you will acknowledge and report
  • What you want to invite this segment of people to do next
  • Learn from an example plan
  • Create a plan for the next 12 months

Monthly givers provide sustainable funding. A Monthly Giving Program supports sustainable relationships. Leaders do well to plan for how they will communicate with this special segment of champions. When monthly givers are acknowledged for their commitment, invited to take growth steps, and reported to regularly with updates on the programs and projects they support – they feel like insiders. And when champions become insiders, they become the advocates and cause evangelists!

Imagine how much momentum your organization can have when your monthly givers feel communicated with, connected, and ultimately cared for.

This tool was used in the Communicating with Monthly Givers, and Increasing Sustainability through Monthly Giving workshops.


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