Reflecting on God’s Character

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A reflection exercise on God’s character.
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Are you in a season where trusting God to provide for your ministry is hard? Take some time today to sit with God and reflect on His character.

This simple tool provides you with helpful prompts to consider:

  • Where God has been faithful in your life
  • What barriers could be blocking your ability to see

Are you leading out of worry, fear, a feeling of ‘there isn’t enough,’ or ‘it’s all up to you’ to make things work out? This mindset can feel miserable and certainly is not joyful. When we take a moment to reflect on God’s character, we see that He is offering us an invitation to experience His freedom, even as it relates to fundraising!

Imagine how different you might feel, regardless of the circumstances, if your spirit was more able to see God’s character reflected in your life.


1 review for Reflecting on God’s Character

  1. Greg Hernandez

    This is eye opening.

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