Roles and Responsibilities of a Governing Board

A review and check in of board member roles and responsibilities.
2 page fillable PDF

Are you, or other board members, unclear about what responsibilities are expected for board members?  Stop wondering!

This two-page tool provides:

  • A overview of the roles and responsibilities expected of faith-based, governing Boards.
  • An opportunity to rate how your board is functioning in each responsibility and make any needed improvement plans.

Nonprofits are required to have at least three board members to even exist. But existing is not an indication of leadership. What individual members (and the board as a whole) are supposed to do to lead an organization is a frequently asked question. If your board is struggling to understand and exercise their roles, or you’re looking for a ways to improve your boards’ leadership, start by using this tool.

It’s time for you and your board to stop feeling frustrated by misunderstanding and instead, have a plan for how you can confidently impact the organization through new levels of board leadership.

*Used as part of this workshop: Growing Effective and Faithful Boards


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